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Ginninderra ACT

About Ginninderra

Postcode: 2913

Ginninderra ACT


Ginninderra was a landholding in the Canberra region, in Australia. It later became the name of a district as well as a village. The surrounding area was the Ginninderra Parish.

The landholding was originally called Palmerville after the first holder of the land grant, John Palmer, the New South Wales, Commissary General. It was John Palmer’s son, George Thomas Palmer who established the property in 1826. In 1877 the property was sold to Edward Kendall Crace. On the property, Crace built a homestead that he called Gungahlin in 1833. In 1892 Crace was drowned in Ginninderra Creek that ran through the property.

Because the combined properties of Ginninderra and Charnwood was nearly 20,150 acres (8155 ha) a substantial number of buildings were constructed to support the work on the property. This collection of buildings became known as Ginninderra Village and a post office opened there in 1859. For a while the village sported a blacksmith and a Roman Catholic Church as well as a school house. Most of these buldings were left to fall into ruin when the Village of Hall to the North West of Ginninderra opened up.

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