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Harman ACT

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Postcode: 2600

Harman ACT


Harman is a suburb in Canberra, Australia. The suburb is located near Queanbeyan, New South Wales, but on the Australian Capital Territory side of the border. Harman is located south of Canberra Avenue. HMAS Harman is a multi-user base for Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Army forces. “S” in HMAS stands for station, referring to the radio receiving station located there. The location was selected inland because it was safe from air, land and sea attacks.

In the base are the Morgan Dunbar Oval, and Sir Victor Smith Oval. There are also a tennis courts, and gymnasion staffed by physical trainers. The base covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers. Twenty five Navy families have residences in the base. 970 people work at the base.

The name Harman is derived from two surnames:

* Director and Assistant Director of Signals; Commander Neville Harvey, of the Royal Navy

* Lieutenant Commander J.S. Newman, of the Royal Australian Navy

Newman and Harvey were responsible for naming the new naval stations. They sent proposals to the Australian Commonwealth Naval Board (ACNB) for approval. The Darwin station was called Coonawarra, a direction finding station near Perth was called Jandakot, the Ginninderra Creek station was called Belconnen. The ACNB showed little interest so as a joke Newman and Harvey proposed the combination of their names for the receiving station. This was approved by the ACNB.

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