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Angourie NSW


Postcode: 2464

Angourie is a small coastal village in the Clarence Valley Council of New South Wales, Australia. It is south of Yamba, New South Wales. Angourie, New South Wales Has the 5th best surfing location in Australia, Angourie point. Angourie point is the first location on Australia to be made a surfing reserve as of the 13th januaray 2007. The area surrounding angourie point is also a sanction.

A perfect holiday village south of Yamba.

Angourie is a small village famous for its surf and local surf industry icons. It first came to prominence in the groundbreaking surf movie “Morning of the Earth”. In more recent times it has become home to some of Australia’s top surfboard shapers.

Angourie with only about 100 houses, many of which are available for rent, is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. There is a corner store offering everything from bread and milk to light meals. Around the corner is Frangipani Restaurant serving great meals and good coffee.

Angourie is only a short drive out of Yamba past the light industrial estate. On the drive out to Angourie take a detour around the picturesque Wooloweyah Lagoon, a right hand turn just before Angourie. Wooloweyah Lagoon is a good spot for fishing and boating.

There are abundant walks in and around Angourie. Opposite the shop is a track leading towards Spooky’s Beach a great spot for whale and dolphin watching. A turn left at the bottom of the gully, however, offers a peaceful walk with local natives featuring paper barks and Lilly Pilly‚Äôs regenerated by the local community.

From the car park at Angourie Point the track winds down the beach and headland or right into the beginnings of the Yuraygir National Park and “back beach”, good for surfing in the right conditions. Located at the northern end of the Yuraygir National Park it is the start of the coastal walking track.