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Laurieton NSW


Postcode: 2443

Laurieton is a coastal town on the Mid North Coast of the Australian state of New South Wales. Laurieton is 365 km north of Sydney and 42 km south of Port Macquarie. It lies between the base of North Brother Mountain and the Camden Haven River.

The largest school in the district, Camden Haven High School, is located 5 km away from Main Street Laurieton.

The Anglican Church of the area is an evangelical church whose minister is Geoffrey Piggott.

Laurieton is now part of the holiday/urban development along the coast to the south of Port Macquarie. This inevitable coastal development, which spreads through Lake Cathie, Bonny Hills and North Haven, means that it is quite difficult to determine the actual limits of Laurieton. This is explained by the fact that Laurieton is one of the seven towns and villages which form the Camden Haven. The others are North Haven, Dunbogan, Bonny Hills, Kew, Kendall and Comboyne. Each of these towns and villages lies adjacent to the Camden Haven River.

The town is scenically located at the base of North Brother Mountain at the mouth of the Camden Haven River. The result is a setting which combines lagoons and waterways with bushland and some unique views of the Mid-North Coast.

The region had been settled by the Gadang Aborigines for tens of thousands of years before Captain James Cook sailed up the coast in 1770. Impressed by the three mountains he could see from his ship, Cook named them ‘The Brothers’. The most impressive, rising to 490 metres, is North Brother.