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Alpurrurulam NT


Postcode: 4825

Alpurrurulam ( 20°58’S, 137°55’E), also known as Lake Nash Station or simply Lake Nash, is a small town located in the Northern Territory, Australia, 20km away from the Queensland border.

Home to 360 inhabitants, mostly aboriginals, the town is located at the end of the Sandover Highway. As the center of the Alpurrurulam Community Government Council the town boasts the only school in the area, as well as a small Australian rules football club.

Although strictly speaking Alpurrurulam and Lake Nash Station are 2 different towns side by side they are often considered as just one entity. The town will be referred to as “Lake Nash” when it comes down to Travel or Mail delivery and “Alpurrurulam” for all official matters, such as a census for example. Alpurrurulam School is located on Lake Nash grounds and Lake Nash Roadhouse is often referred to as Alpurrurulam Roadhouse, this can be very confusing to travellers who might think that they are two different towns when in fact they are one and the same.