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Imanpa NT


Postcode: 0872

Imanpa Community ( 25°07’S, 132°35’E) is in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is 7 km north of the Lasseter Highway, the main road running between the Stuart Highway and Uluru (Ayers Rock). Imanpa lies 160 km east of Uluru and 200 km south west of Alice Springs as the crow flies. It is seventeen kilometres from Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse which is owned and run by the community, along with Angus Downs Station.

The population of Imanpa community is usually between 186 and 250 people.

The community is split into three camps, the bottom, the middle and the top camp. The bottom and the middle camp is for Anangu and the white staff who work in the community live in the top camp.