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Ti Tree NT

Ti Tree

Postcode: 0872

Ti Tree is a small town in the Northern Territory along the Stuart Highway 193 km north of Alice Springs, 311 km south of Tennant Creek and 1289 km south of Darwin in Australia. It is the closest town to Alice Springs. The area around Ti Tree has a population of 995 people of whom only 191 are non-Aboriginal. The population is distributed between the 11 cattle stations, 6 Aboriginal outstations including Utopia, Ti Tree township, Barrow Creek community and the agricultural produce farms of Ti Tree Farm, Central Australian Produce Farm and the Territory Grape Farm. The area is an emerging centre for grapes and melons due to its year-round sunshine and abundant underground water supply. A famous landmark just to the north of Ti Tree is Central Mount Stuart.

Ti Tree is the first substantial stop heading north from Alice Springs and is the centre for a vegetable producing area. There is a hotel, a school and a police station along with several other buildings. Petrol and all other traveller facilities are available and the publican Greg Dick was a well respected man before he took over in the 1980’s.

Much of the land surrounding Ti Tree is Aboriginal land, owned by the Anmatyerre people. Their art can be viewed within the town and there are several interesting sites in the area surrounding the township. The town serves as a service town to surrounding Aboriginal Communities. Ti Tree has developed with many modern conveniences to meet the needs and wants of locals and visitors.

Ti Tree is a large producer of fresh vegetables and fruit for Territory markets, and is the largest community between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. Visionary farmers have put Ti Tree on the map as a valuable horticultural area where the annual table-grape harvest alone reaps $10 million.

Ti Tree Roadhouse includes a pub, bird and animal orphanage and a popular beer garden. Also in Ti Tree is the Aaki Art Gallery, as well as the Red Sands art gallery.