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Acacia Ridge QLD

Acacia Ridge

Postcode: 4110

Once a sea of wattle, Acacia Ridge was one of several dormitory suburbs developed in Brisbane’s southern industrial belt in the 1970s as part of a massive decentralisation program.

After the inevitable land clearing that coincided with the original residential development, the trees are returning to Acacia Ridge through street-planting, private gardens and public parks. In places like Freny Park you can watch the young trees grow and children hone their skating skills on the beginners’ bowl whiling away a few pleasant hours with a family barbecue.

The area also has an unusual link to World War II through the American forces’ decision to use a disused quarry as a dumping ground for old aircraft and armaments. The salvage rights for the quarry were subsequently granted to historian Terry Kelly who unearthed a rich cache of collectible Browning and Hispanos machine guns, aircraft and engine parts and other military odds and end.

Acacia Ridge is roughly 13km from Brisbane’s CBD. Over 41% of households in the area are couples with children, 31% are couples without children and 26% are single parent households. 94% of the dwellings in this area are stand-alone houses, and townhouses account for a further 4%. This is an older suburb, and the housing styles reflect this. There are many weatherboard homes and the occasional brick and tile low set house. The median house price in Acacia Ridge for the 2002/03 financial year was $139,000.

There are plenty of great dining options in Acacia Ridge. If you’re looking for a local café, take-away, pub or restaurant you’ll find it here. There are specialty shops on Beaudesert Road and there’s the shopping centre on Elizabeth Street. Pinelands Plaza at Sunnybank Hills is close by too. It’s easy to find just what you’re after without leaving the area. If you’re looking for playgroups, childcare, kindergartens or schools in this area, you’ll find them here. Check out this section for things to do in your spare time. There’s sport, leisure activities, local events and more.