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Alderley QLD


Postcode: 4051

Alderley is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is 7 km north-west of the CBD. Its population was estimated in the 2001 census at 4,754.

Alderley is an older suburb, having had a post office since 1878 and a railway station since 1899. Trams operated by the Brisbane City Council ran to the suburb between 1949 and 1968.

The demand for housing in the area has been strong and is likely to continue due to a combination of factors including excellent public transport facilities (the railway station and regular suburban and city bus routes), the suburb’s close proximity to the city and its ‘Queensland’ character.

Although an older suburb, Alderley is attracting young couples and families keen to restore older-style homes to new glory. A limited supply of housing in the area has resulted in pressure for large residential allotments surrounding homes to be converted to separate residential allotments or unit/townhouse complexes.

Residents of Alderley enjoy access to a variety of retail shopping outlets including a Bi-Lo supermarket and many convenience and take-away stores. Major regional shopping centres Brookside and Stafford City are less than 10 minutes away and in the case of Stafford City provide entertainment arcades and AMC Cinemas.

According to the 2001 Census there were 4,802 people living in the suburb with a median age of 34. The median individual income was between $400 and $499 per week. Of all occupied private dwellings 62% were either fully owned or being purchased; 33% were being rented.