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Alexandra Hills QLD

Alexandra Hills

Postcode: 4161

Alexandra Hills is a suburb of 17,342 people located in Redland Shire, Queensland, south east of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Alexandra Hills sits between two major areas of the Redlands, Cleveland to the east and Capalaba to the west.

One of the newest suburbs in the Redlands. It was originally planned as a satellite town in 1961. In September 1965, the name Alexandra Hills was registered with the Place Names Board. The main impetus for the development of Alexandra Hills was the completion of Finucane Road. Building Finucane Road was a slow process which began in October 1951. Before Finucane Road was built, there was just a rough track surrounded by bushland and scattered small farms. The main road between Capalaba and Cleveland was Old Cleveland Road, which went through Birkdale and Ormiston.

The population of Alexandra Hills grew very quickly as houses were built in the new estates. As more houses were built, more people moved in to the area. By 1976 Alexandra Hills was the fastest growing area of the Redland Shire.

Alexandra Hills is home to a thriving community in the heart of the mainland Shire. Stretching between Cleveland and Capalaba, Alex Hills is home to many parks and wildlife reserves, including a reserve retained to protect a significant colony of great glider possums. Alex Hills has shopping and business facilities, including the popular Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre, with a range of restaurants, speciality stores and supermarkets.