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Archerfield QLD


Postcode: 4108

Archerfield is an outer suburb of Brisbane, Australia. It is 11 km south of the CBD. Archerfield is a sparsely populated suburb, with most of the land being occupied by Archerfield Airport. On August 8, 1995 as southern Queensland experienced a severe cold snap, a temperature of 0 degrees was recording in Archerfield . This was Brisbane’s coldest recorded temperature.

Archerfield is roughly 11km from Brisbane’s CBD. Over 43% of households in the area are couples with children, 33% are couples without children and 21% are single parent households. 89% of the dwellings in this area are stand-alone houses. Residential housing is scarce in this area, with the few houses available generally being older weatherboard or chamferboard homes in need of work. The median house price in Archerfield for the 2004 calendar year was $205,000.

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