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Augathella QLD


Postcode: 4477

The township of Augathella is located in western Queensland, Australia, and is part of the Murweh Shire. Augathella lies on the Matilda Highway, is 90 kilometres north of the town of Charleville, and 760 kilometres west of the state capital, Brisbane. The town lies on the banks of the Warrego River. Population is approximately 440 persons.

The town came into being initially as a resting place for bullock teams lying at the convergence of three bullock tracks from Morven, Tambo, and Charleville. Originally called Burenda it was renamed Ellangowan (still the name of the local watering hole) and when gazetted in 1883 called Augathella . A service centre sprang up to service their needs and the needs of the burgeoning grazing industry. The town’s service centre was bypassed by the new Matilda Highway during the 1980s. Some new businesses have slowly encroched back onto the highway frontage. There is a growing arts centre in the town, a public swimming pool, a bowls club and there is an annual rodeo. Augathella has some polocrosse teams.

Set on the banks of the Warrego River, about 84km north of Charleville, Augathella is a small rural town supported by regional cattle runs, sheep stations and cyprus pine timber millers.

It is an easy, two hour drive to the largest and most spectacular reserve in central Queensland, the 298,000ha Carnarvon Gorge National Park. Carved out of the sandstone cliffs of the Great Dividing Range over millions of years by the Carnarvon Creek, the forest-draped gorge snakes its way through an otherwise arid landscape.