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Baffle Creek QLD

Baffle Creek

Postcode: 4674

Baffle Creek is situated between the cities of Bundaberg and Gladstone. Baffle Creek the major stream of the greater Baffle Catchment Area, enters the Pacific Ocean, between the Latitudes 24degrees, 10’s and 24degrees, 45’s. Baffle Creek is 117 kilometres long, with tidal reach of 35 kilometres which ceases at Essendean Bridge and it’s catchment covers an area of some 2,934 square kilometres.

The Baffle Creek System is unique among Queensland Waterways, relatively undisturbed and boasting prolific bird, animal and aquatic life and situated in one of the most equitable climates on earth.

Baffle Creek is a region of natural beauty, subtropical tranquillity, fascinating history and great opportunity, with vast pristine waterways, wetlands, coastline and coral reefs. With an abundance of native terrestrial, aquatic and marine life, you’ll experience wildlife you probably don’t even know exists.

If fishing, boating or canoeing is your passion for adventure and discovery, the extensive estuary and tributaries of the Baffle Creek River System, Lake Monduran, Beaches or Coral Reefs will satisfy your spirit for adventure.

The Baffle Creek Catchment Area is a patchwork of national parks, conservation parks and state forests. The parks provide habitat of eucalypt forests, subtropical rainforest, dry rainforest and littoral rainforest for a great diversity of wildlife species. All these natural wonders can provide countless avenues to explore and enjoy a great holiday adventure.

Baffle Creek is one hour north of Bundaberg between the Discovery Coast and Coral Coast regions of Wide Bay in Southeast Queensland, Australia. The Discovery Coast so named for in May 1770 Lieutenant James Cook began his approach, near Baffle Creek, to the Queensland coast. Cook discovered a large bay, Bustard Bay 40 km north of Baffle Creek, in which the Endeavour anchored. This is the first place in Queensland where Cook landed, along with a party of men including botanist Joseph Banks. The Coral Coast, you guessed it, is related to The Great Barrier Reef. The reef is situated just off our coastline, as are some terrific islands such as Lady Musgrave, Lady Elliot and Heron Island.