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Bakers Creek QLD

Bakers Creek

Postcode: 4740

Bakers Creek is a settlement situated in Queensland, Australia. Bakers Creek is 1558 km from the Australian capital Canberra.

It is a meat processing town, so you willl definitely know when you come upon Bakers Creek, by the almost unpleasant odour which pervades the air.

But, hang about, everyone has to eat and this is where some of the best Central Queensland T-bones are ‘created’.

There are no shops or facilities, but then it is not the sort of place one stops off for a picnic, being located just a few kilometres south of Mackay. It’s worthwhile taking a break to inspect the town’s war memorial, which pays tribute to a US plane which crashed in the district back in WWII.

The town’s main claim to fame is the annual Oakenden rodeo, usually held each June, catered by the Dundula School as its major fundraiser.

Those in the know also frequent Bakers Creek because of its fishing opportunities. They are also aware that the local tavern depicts a typical Aussie pub.