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Bamaga QLD


Postcode: 4876

The original site for the township of Bamaga was at a site known as “Muttee Heads” some 20 kilometres south of the present Bamaga township. This site was established in the early 1900s by people from Saibai Island in Torres Strait where local islanders formed a community.

Bamaga has an Islander population of approximately 700 people with a further 300 temporary non-islander residents. The Community boasts reticulated town water, which is pumped from the Jardine River. A new water treatment plant has been constructed recently and Bamaga is fully sewered.

All of Bamaga’s internal and main roads are sealed. The major industry is tourism mainly during the drier months of the year. This runs from May – October (The Developmental Road is impassable during the wet season and the ferry across the Jardine River does not operate).

The Community owns Resort Bamaga, an accommodation house for the corporate visitor. There is some cattle production, small business retailing and a concrete batching plant. Bamaga Island Council is the biggest employer with 200 staff. Modern supermarkets can be found at Seisia and Umagico. There is a general merchandise/clothing store, a video store, Post Office, Service Station/workshop, snack bar, pub and bakery in Bamaga as well as an Anglican Church store and thrift shop.

Bamaga is the location of the Northern Peninusula Area State College. It is made up out of the Bamaga P-6 Campus and Bamaga 7-12 Campus within the Bamaga township and the P-5 Campus which is located in the Injinoo Community.