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Benowa QLD


Postcode: 4217

Benowa is a Gold Coast suburb west of Surfers Paradise. The name was originally derived from the aboriginal “Boonow”, meaning red bloodwood. This word was later corrupted by European settlers came in search of sugar cane growing on the shores of the Nerang River. The name was purpetualised in 1870 when a pioneer named Robert Muir used the name for his sugar plantation on the northern bank of the Nerang River.

Benowa is a suburb located to the west of Surfers Paradise. Early historians noted that Benowa was a corruption of an Aboriginal word ‘Boonow’ meaning red bloodwood.

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The European use of the word dates back to the days when sugar cane grew on the banks of the Ne rang River. Pioneer sugar planter, Robert Muir, used the name Benowa for the family’s sugar plantation established on the northern bank of the Nerang River in 1870.

The towers and architectural spires of the Surfers Paradise apartment buildings might dominate the skyline, but the ambience of Benowa is a world removed from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast tourist strip.

Still, its central position on the fun strip means that visitors are never far from the surf, the nightclubs, the golf clubs, theme parks and the assorted tinsel that sets the city apart.

Along with most Gold Coast suburbs, Benowa is but a comfortable, scenic drive from a rain-forest bedecked hinterland range. The picture postcard coastal range villages of Tamborine Mountain and Springbrook present magnificent views to the sea and inland river valleys and provide direct access to spectacular bush-walking tracks which you share with the more gregarious members of the local fauna.