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Brookfield QLD


Postcode: 4069

The Brookfield area was settled by 1869 when it was opened up for logging and then farming. It was named by Mrs J.S. Brimblecombe (formerly Miss Lucinda Logan) because of the creeks and gullies in the area.

Hoop pine logs were taken to the Rafting Grounds and floated down river to sawmills, such as Pettigrews, at the southeastern end of William Street in Brisbane. Bullock teams also hauled logs to local sawmills.

Increasing population led to the opening of the Brookfield State School in 1874 followed by the opening of the Brookfield Post Office on 12 August 1876.

The Post Office operated intermittently from different locations until the service was terminated in 1974.

Brookfield Cemetery, located on the corner of Brookfield and Gold Creek Roads, was opened in 1882. The burial register for the cemetery is held at the Toowong Cemetery Office.

The Brookfield Hall was removed from Darra to Brookfield in about 1931. The supper room was created from materials from the old hall which was demolished after being used for some years by the tennis club.

The Pioneer Tree reserve was developed when the Moon family donated part of their land for the planting of pine trees to honour the district’s pioneering heritage. Among the trees a memorial to the family can be found along with other reminders of times past.