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Buderim QLD


Postcode: 4556

Buderim is a mountain town in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane. The mountain itself is an extinct volcano.

The name “Buderim” is from the local Kabi Kabi Aboriginal word for the hairpin honeysuckle, (Badderam) Banksia Spinulosa var. Collina, which grew abundantly around the plateau. Although it did not actually grow on the plateau, it is likely the name was given, when the white man gestured in the direction of the slopes across the plants.

Buderim was seen as a resource for timbergetters, huge stands of Beech and cedar grew across the mountain. Some trees were so large in fact, they were wasted due to the lack of transport to carry them down to the river for despatch to Brisbane. Once cleared, the plateau was used for farming, the rich red volcanic soil found on Buderim, made the area particularly suited to growing almost everything from bananas to small crops.The most notable crops were Coffee and in the early 1900s ginger made Buderim famous.

In the middle of the 1900s the largest ginger processing facility in the southern hemisphere was built, and operated until the factory closed and operations were moved closer to other ginger growing areas near Yandina.

Buderim does contain one of the most significant heritage relics of the early days in the form of Pioneer Cottage, restored and cared for by the “Buderim Historical Society”.