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Byfield QLD


Postcode: 4703

Set in a pine tree plantation, this place resembles a picture perfect fairy-tale forest. With tall pine trees either side of the road and mountains towering above them in the distance, you can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. At the end of these roads there are many wonderful places to visit, including creek picnic areas, art galleries and places to stay. For a relaxing picnic in the woods and a swim in mother natures pristine waterways, visit Stoney Creek, Red Rock or Waterpark Creek. If you’re intersted in arts and crafts, why not visit Nob Creek Pottery or Wompoo Gallery – Byfield is famous for the excellent pottery produced here.

If you would like to spend some more time in Byfield, take a look at Ferns Hideaway Resort. There is plenty of entertainment provided at the restaurant and you can never get bored with so many things to do, like going for a canoe in nearby Waterpark Creek, take a swim in the pool or meeting the local, friendly wallaby. Ferns Hideaway has many cabins to stay in and two examples shown here are the Pioneer cabin and Ironbark cabin.