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Capalaba QLD


Postcode: 4154

Capalaba is a suburb in the Redland Shire, located approximately half an hour drive east from the centre of Brisbane.

The name probably comes from the words kappella (meaning ring tailed or scrub possum) and ba (meaning place), in the Yuggera language (Yugarabul dialect).

The suburb has two large shopping and commercial centre’s with a mall and bus station, and light industrial zones surrounded by residential streets and bushland. Surrounding suburbs include Alexandra Hills, Burbank and Chandler, both of which lie on the eastern border of Brisbane.

There are several major schools in Capalaba also. Coolnwynpin State Primary (Grades Prep-7), Capalaba College (Grades Prep-12) and St Lukes Catholic School form the basis for the extensive primary eductaion network in Capalaba.

The two shopping centres mentioned above, are Capalaba Central, where all the central rats (also konwn as homie wannabe, smack heads, sluts, ho’s and fags) hang out and Capalaba Park. Together they offer hundreds of shopping facilites, including Woolworths, Coles, K-Mart, Bi-Lo and an array of fast-food stores. A multi-cinema movie-theatre can be found at Capalaba Central. The Redland Shire Library and Council Chambers and the bus interchange station can also be found on the Capalaba Central premises. Capalaba Park is located directly opposite Capalaba Central.