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Capricorn Coast QLD

Capricorn Coast

Postcode: 4701

The Capricorn Coast is a coastal region in Central Queensland, Australia, generally spanning the areas between Keppel Sands to the south, and Byfield and Shoalwater Bay to the north.

The Capricorn Coast lies astride and to the north of the Tropic of Capricorn; although there are no exact geographic boundaries, its general limits are from Stanage Bay in the north, to the Fitzroy River in the south, and inland to about Rockhampton, this is roughly the area covered by Livingstone Shire Council. Much of the northern half is occupied by the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Reserve and is off-limits to unauthorised personnel. The southern half is on Keppel Bay, a broad and somewhat shallow bay studded with islands, the largest and most widely known being Great Keppel Island.

The region has a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters alhough being in the southern tropics it is spared the higher temperatures and extreme humidity of North Queensland, this is a considerable blessing. This combination of an equable climate and proximity to a relatively benign bay has led to a relaxed life style centred on the beach and the sea.

Yeppoon is the largest town on the Capricorn Coast and the administrative centre of Livingstone Shire. The 20km coastal strip between Yeppoon and the township of Emu Park is a series of coves and small bays separated by headlands. These headlands are the remnants of volcanic trachyte plugs and have allowed the formation of shallow, reasonably safe beaches.