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Clontarf QLD


Postcode: 4019

Clontarf is a south-west suburb of Redcliffe City in Queensland, Australia. It encompasses the localities of Clontarf Beach and Pelican Park. It is the largest suburb in the city by land area, and borders all suburbs in the city except for Redcliffe and Scarborough. Clontarf also shares a land border with Pine Rivers Shire and a sea border with Brisbane City Council.

Clontarf is connected to Brisbane City, across Bramble Bay, by the Houghton Highway and Hornibrook Bridge, which is a 2.7km long causeway that provides access to the southern tip of Redcliffe City, greatly decreasing the travel time between Redcliffe and Brisbane. Consequently, Clontarf is a gateway suburb.

Clontarf’s west hosts the largest industrial area in Redcliffe city, and the area is a big source of employment for a city which still has high unemployment and many residents commuting to Brisbane daily for work.

Clontarf is host to two adjacent medium sized shopping centres, on the southern tip of the suburb. Most retail commerce in the suburb revolves around small business, however, and there are many stand alone corner stores and other small businesses still in existence.

Due to the beach-side locality of Clontarf, there is an emerging tourism industry in the suburb, and government funded urban and beach renewal projects are slowly transforming this suburb into a much more visitable location. Clontarf still, however remains a chiefly residential and industrial community, and has not managed to transform itself to the same level as its neighbours, Margate and Woody Point.