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Coominya QLD


Postcode: 4311

The town of Coominya is located 18 km from Lowood and approximately 20 km from Wivenhoe Dam. Coominya is 100km by road from Brisbanes CBD. Coominya is in the Esk Shire Council LGA in Queensland, Australia. The town has a population of approx. 350 people, most of whom are involved in agriculture.

Coominya is known for its beautiful selection of fresh produce grown by the friendly locals in this small rural community. Driving into Coominya is just a delight, the scenery of Coominya is fantastic as it is surrounded by Atkinson, Wivenhoe and Somerset dam.The wildlife in Coominya is superb, it is home to truly unique Australian Wildlife and if you are lucky you might get a chance to see the beautiful singing lorikeet parrots, the cute and cuddly koalas and kangaroos and on the rare occasion you might see a dingo!

Coominya is a small town but has a lot to offer. For employment there is an abbitors which is owned by AFC, jobs are often advertised through Mission Australia in Ipswich on popular job search websites and local newspapers. Coominya also has a handy post office where you can pay your bills, collect and send mail or make a telephone call at the phone boxes just outside. For your convenience there is a general store where you can purchase most house hold items but if you are after a quick meal for dinner or after food on the run you can count on the Blue Teapot cafe to have fresh quality and ready available food, or you can even just relax and have a coffee and chat to the locals. For those of you with a thirst and are up for some great country stories there is a friendly corner pub with reasonable prices and great service. The nearest bigger shopping venues are in Lowood, Gatton and Esk but if you want to do major shopping you need to head to Ipswich or Toowoomba. Ipswich.

Coominya has a lot of history behind it, why not take a look at the famous Bellevue homestead. It was moved from Wivenhoe Dam to Coominya. It is sure worth looking at and is a very rare place to visit.There is an old railway station but unfortunately it stopped running because there weren’t enough people in Coominya to run the train, so now there is buses available on a daily basis to get you to your desired destination.

Coominya has its own primary school, but the nearest high school is in Lowood. The first principal of Coominya state school was Constance Flanagan and current principal is Mark Gibson. Coominya State Primary School puts on an excellent Christmas Carols presentation every year and you can find out more information by contacting the schools office.