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Donnybrook QLD


Postcode: 4510

Donnybrook is a small village 60km north of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It started out as a small fishing community but has since developed into a minor tourist destination. Fishing is still popular due to its proximity to Pumistone Passage which opens up in Moreton Bay to the south, and Caloundra to the north. The passage separates Bribie Island from the mainland.

The closest major population centre is Caboolture, 16km to the west.

The town name was approved by the Queensland Place Names Board on 1 October 1975. The name itself appears to be derived from a corroboree site, or because of fights amongst oyster gatherers at weekend camps.

In 19??, an unsealed road running the waterfront was named Grant Lane after Robert Grant for his 90th birthday, a popular local who everyone knew as “Pop”. A few years later the road was sealed after he had complained for years of the dust produced by all the passers by. Pop has since passed away.

Sand mining and sewerage works have recently been proposed for this sleepy haven.

There are a number of activities available at Donnybrook. Fishing is the most popular, although due to commercial fishing many years ago the quantity and quality of catches has dwindled somewhat. Mud crabs were once sizable and in abundance. Fishing enthusiasts should be aware that parts of the passage have been declared a Marine Park.

Camping and caravan sites are available for a few days of rest and relaxation. A number of water sports are available along the passage, but normally require travelling to Bribie Island.

The passage is also a great place for sailing and wind surfing, which is frequented by dolphins, dugongs and turtles.