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Doomadgee QLD


Postcode: 4830

Doomadgee Aboriginal Mission, originally known as Dumaji, was located on Bayley Point on the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 1936 after being destroyed by a cyclone the community was relocated to Nicholson River. In 1985 the population of Doomadgee was approximately 800.

The 2005 Census population of Doomadgee is 1200.

As at 2006 the Queensland Government, per its commitment to remote locations, has increased its services to Doomadgee, and as at July 2006, there are 8 of 25 Queensland Government Departments now represented in Doomadgee. The 8 Queensland Government Departments are:

Queensland Police Service (9 Officer Station), Queensland Corrective Services (2 Probation and Parole Officers – 1 x Compliance, 1 x Programs), Queensland Ambulance Service (1 x Ambulance Officer, 1 x Paramedic), Department of Education and the Arts (Formerly Education Queensland), Department of Employment and Training, Queensland Health, TAFE Queensland, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy.

Of particular interest are the two old dormitories in the town. To the south of the Doomadgee Aboriginal Council, immediately next door to it, is the old Girls Dormitory and to the north (over the road) is the Boys Dormitory. In the 1930s and 1940s the brethren ran the town along strict christian lines and the Aboriginal boys and girls weren’t allowed to make contact with each other. Unfortunately one of these dormitories burnt down in 2003.