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Drayton QLD


Postcode: 4350

Drayton is a township in Queensland, Australia, part of the City of Toowoomba.

The first substantial settlement on the Darling Downs in c.1842. The nearby township of Toowoomba expanded more rapidly than Drayton, and in the 1860s the centre of population shifted to Toowoomba, leaving Drayton as a southwestern suburb.

One of the oldest buildings in the Drayton area is the Royal Bull’s Head Inn. The town also saw the area’s first newspaper, the Darling Downs Gazette, in 1858. The National School (later Drayton State School) established in 1851, was one of the first in Queensland.

Drayton has a core of homes dating to the 19th century and a substantial number of homes and commercial premises dating from the mid years of the 20th century. More recently a large number of detached homes and growing numbers of multi-unit dwellings were built in the 1990s and 2000s, mostly targeted at students from the nearby University of Southern Queensland.

To the west of Drayton, the southern part of ANZAC Avenue forms the axis of a growing industrial and commercial district extending west and north towards Glenvale.

Drayton lies in the City of Toowoomba, a Local Government Area in Queensland. Toowoomba elects Councillors from the City as a whole rather than from wards/districts, so there is no local representative as such.

Drayton State School is located on the beautiful Darling Downs, approximately 2 hours drive west of Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland.