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Dululu QLD


Postcode: 4702

Dululu is a small town in Central Queensland, Australia, in northern Banana Shire. The town sits at the junction of the Burnett and Leichhardt highways, 70 km south-west of Rockhampton, Queensland and 610 km north-west of Brisbane. The town’s original name was Bunerba. The Railway Department changed this to Dululu in 1915 to avoid confusion with Buneru, another town located near Wowan. The name derives from an Indigenous word meaning “soft”.

Sports and soft leisure activities are in abundance around the town with a cricket pitch and two full tennis courts situated in the town area. The Dee River meanders along the outskirts of the town. Dululu is the centre of a diverse farming industry including stud cattle, horses, pigs, squab, agriculture, lucerne, grains, eggs, flowers and citrus orchards.

Dululu is considered a locality not an Urban Centre. Of the 11 towns in the Banana Shire only 5 of the towns are considered to be Urban Centres. The other 6 townships are localities. These townships and the outlying areas that they support have been combined as Banana Rural, which includes Dululu, to demonstrate the number of people in the Shire living outside of Urban Centres.