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Dunwich QLD


Postcode: 4183

Dunwich is a small town on the western side of North Stradbroke Island in the Australian state of Queensland. The town is part of the Redland Shire local government area, based on the mainland in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Cleveland. Dunwich is one of three towns on North Stradbroke Island – the others being Amity Point and Point Lookout.

Vehicular ferries which cross Moreton Bay link the mainland with North Stradbroke Island dock at Dunwich. Mining companies have also extensive bardge docking and loading facilities at Dunwich. The only cemetery on the island is found in this small town.

The town of Dunwich services the sand mining industry; it is the major thoroughfare for transport vehicles, and is used as a port for the loading and unloading of mineral sands for the mines. It is the island’s commercial and industrial district. Dunwich has enjoyed a long and colorful history, you can read about it’s origins in our ‘ISLAND HISTORY’ page on this site.

There are a variety of shops and services here including Queensland Transport‘s office, a Redlands Shire Council depot and a branch of Centrelink. Dunwich is mainly regarded as a stopping off place to get supplies before heading out to either Point Lookout or Amity Point, but it does have its own charms and attractions and is well worth exploring.