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Dysart QLD


Postcode: 4745

Dysart is a town in central Queensland, Australia, located in the Broadsound Shire. Established in 1973, Dysart serves as a service centre for the nearby Norwich Park and Saraji coal mines, as well as grazing properties in the district. Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt explored the region in 1845, climbing the summit of nearby Campbell’s Peak. At the 2001 census, Dysart had a population of 2,640.[1]

Dysart is home to the coal mining area and is increasingly expanding. Nearly each year it is home to Norwich Park Mines Day at the Park which features several celebrity acts. The day at the park increases the publics knowledge in the mining industry with many tours of the mine.

Rugby League is a very popular sport in Dysart. Dysart junior team is named ‘Dysart Bulls’ with team colours being red, black and white. The senior team is also called ‘Dysart Bulls’ and has about six home games a year. This is a very big social event in the town with over five hundred people attending. There is currently competition in the mining industry in relation to rugby league. The Dysart Senior Rugby League hosts an annual over 35 golden oldies Saraji vs Norwich Park game. It is sponsored by the two mines and attracts much of the mining community, also involving the mine managers in the game. Dysart is also home to rugby league and former cowboy Matty Singh. He makes various appearances in the community.

Dysart State High School is also an active part of the community and offers students many opportunites in careers and experiences. Each year it hosts a very successful fete which is a very big community event. Dysart State High school has around two hundred students and students are very close to each other. Students often have the ability to pursue careers in the mining industry or trades. Subjects are offered through the school although specific subjects that are not offered can be arranged through virtual schooling and distance education (correspondence). The Dysart State High School community provides fundraising for various nonprofit organisation.