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Edmonton QLD


Postcode: 4869

Edmonton used to be an independent township supporting a sugar mill, but in recent times has become a suburb of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 10 km south of the centre of Cairns on the Bruce Highway and within the Cairns City Council local government area. Prior to 1995 the town was located within the Shire of Mulgrave.

The primary industry in Edmonton was traditionally sugar cane harvesting, but as Edmonton has grown, it has become an outer suburb of Cairns. Edmonton has experienced rapid growth in new housing estates in recent years resulting in consequent population growth.

In March, 2006, Tropical Cyclone Larry hit Edmonton causing minimal damage. The centre of the cyclone passed through the town of Innisfail, 75km south of the suburb.

Once a sugar milling town, this is now an outer suburb lying to the south of Cairns.

Located only 13 km south of the ever-expanding Cairns, Edmonton is fast becoming a suburb of the larger city.

Today the town’s chief attraction is Sugarworld – a leisure park originally built by CSR on Hambledon Estate, a former sugar plantation. Now owned by Cairns City Council, it has four large waterslides, a pool, a licensed bar/kiosk and a large gardens/parkland area where visitors can have a picnic or barbecue.