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Eromanga QLD


Postcode: 4480

Eromanga is a small town in Southwest Queensland, Australia. It lies on the edge of what is called the Eromanga Inland Sea, which existed in the Early Cretaceous. Its claim to fame is abundant oil wells, and opal mines, and of course many pioneering cattle and sheep property owners that came and took up land in the 1860’s. The name of the Town Eromanga goes back as far as about 1860. Eromanga is also noted as being the town in Australia located the furthest from any Ocean.

Virtually untouched by travellers, the town is surrounded by vast sheep and cattle properties. Reputedly the town farthest from the sea in Australia, Eromanga is named after the aboriginal word meaning ‘hot, windy plain’.

As remote as it is, around the 1880s Eromanga drew miners to the opal fields. Some referred to the town as ‘Opalopolis’ because of the huge amounts of opal which have been found in the region. More recently, Eromanga has quickly grown into a major oil production centre, producing in excess of one and a half million barrels each year.

The old Royal Hotel, once a Cobb and Co staging post, still retains some of the original buildings from 1885. The rustic outdoor machinery museum will soon be complemented by an indoor historical museum.