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Geehung QLD


Postcode: 4034

Geebung is a suburb of northern Brisbane, Australia. It is centred around its railway station on the Caboolture Railway line.

The suburb is named after the Geebung tree, of the genus Persoonia.

For eons, this inner-northern, semi-industrial area was significant to the Aborigines who were partial to the berry which grew on the region’s native shrubs, so it was natural that the early settlers should adopt the name for that fruit -‘geebong’. Over the years, however, the word became corrupted to Geebung.

While the local Aborigines might have resisted the overtures of the missionaries who largely pioneered settlement in this area to the north of Brisbane, one of Geebung’s original industrialists, J.L. Ward, ensured that the area made a substantial contribution to the Catholic faith.

Bricks from his kiln were used to build part of Nudgee College, the Nudgee orphanage, and the first Catholic church at Sandgate.

Geebung’s Marchant Park is part of the Chermside Parklands and Downfall Creek green corridor. Marchant hosts 10 sports ovals and is attractively landscaped with a lake and a maze of walking tracks. It is the ideal spot to shake off the kinks with a bout of frisbee tossing or a leisurely BBQ picnic lunch.