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Gladstone QLD


Postcode: 4680

The Gladstone Region is a unique area of Queensland – a region where opportunity awaits. The city of Gladstone is developed on hills overlooking the focal point of its economic development – the natural deepwater harbour.

The Gladstone community has grown dramatically from a “sleepy hollow” township to a major industrial city in less than 20 years, yet has retained the charm of a coastal resort setting with an enviable lifestyle. As the centre of the Southern Reef, access to two of three Queensland coral island resorts offers visitors the miracle of the Great Barrier Reef.

To the south of the city lie the shires of Calliope and Miriam Vale. From idyllic, secluded beaches to scenic National Parks, these shires complete the diversity for which the region is reknown.

Dynamic and progressive, yet naturally beautiful and serene, you are welcome to experience the warmth and hospitality of The Gladstone Region. Gladstone is a harbour city which has captured both the enthusiasm of its citizens and the attention of the world. From a “sleepy hollow” township a quarter of a century ago, this dynamic, modern city basks in a sub- tropical climate with islands, waterways and beaches on the doorstep offering year-round boating, fishing, swimming and surfing.

With a sound industrial base established, and further development proposed, Gladstone is proud to have won the Queensland Tidy Towns Award for seven out of the past nine years – an impressive example of the way tourism and industry can proceed in harmony and be supportive of each other.