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Goodna QLD


Postcode: 4300

Goodna is a suburb on the eastern edge of the city of Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. It is bounded to the north by the Brisbane River. Founded in 1856 when the area was still part of New South Wales, it celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 2006. Its beginnings can be traced back further to 1823 when it was originally visited by an exploration party led by John Oxley. It is now known as a financial and medical commercial hub embracing multi-cultural diversity.

Goodna is only 20 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, being just outside the Brisbane City Council area. Ideally located as a centre point between Brisbane and Ipswich, it has been designated by the Queensland Government in the SEQ Plan as 1) A Major Activity Centre 2) Transport Oriented Development Centre and 3) an Economic Activity Centre.

Goodna Shopping Centre (Also known as St Ives) is a major shopping centre, an easy walk to the Goodna train station.

The Brisbane River runs to the north of Goodna. Goodna Boat Ramp is one of the only boat ramps on the Brisbane River and is part of the Brisbane River Canoe Trail. There are extensive old Jacaranda, Poinciana, Hoop Pine and Mango Trees throughout the area. Parks are widespread with over 14 individual parks to be found and free electric BBQ facilities at the major ones. Names of some of the major parks include: Evan Marginson Sportsground, Richardson Park, Leslie Park, Kippen Park, Norma Mulvihill Park, Baines Meaney and Seymour Park. Fifty percent of The Pan Pacific Peace Gardens is also situated within Goodna. Wildlife is restricted with ongoing development, however Possums and on a rare occasion Koalas have also been spotted.