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Greenslopes QLD


Postcode: 4120

“Greenslopes” is also the name of a Queensland state electorate. The electorate contains only a small fraction of the suburb of the same name. The current Member for Greenslopes is Gary Fenlon of the Australian Labor Party.

Greenslopes lies 6 km southeast of the Brisbane central business district. There is some slight variety in the terrain, with low hills in the east and south sloping down to the flood plain of Norman Creek, which curls around the western and northern edges of the suburb on its way to join the Brisbane River at Norman Park.

The suburb’s population was 7683 at the 2001 Census. As an inner-city suburb, it is densely populated with many apartment blocks, the result of town planning changes over the past 25 years.

The local shopping precinct is Greenslopes Mall on Logan Road. The Greenslopes Private Hospital, formerly a Commonwealth Government-run hospital for war veterans, is located within the suburb, on a ridge leading east from Stephens Mountain, a low hill still covered in scrub and overlooking Norman Creek to the west. The hospital, surrounded by quiet streets, lies some distance from the nearest main roads, a factor which has caused friction with local residents over traffic, parking and redevelopment issues in recent years.

Other local landmarks of long standing are the Greenslopes State School, a tenpin bowling centre at the corner of Chatsworth and Logan Roads, and Stones Corner (formerly a separately designated suburb), a locality well-known throughout Brisbane for its “seconds” shops.

Greenslopes shares Brisbane’s humid sub-tropical climate, but the hot summer days are often mitigated by cooling afternoon breezes, especially in the higher areas. Winters are usually drier with very mild temperatures.