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Haggerstone QLD


Postcode: 4865

Haggerstone Island is only accessible by air to a neighbouring island, it is an incredibly remote and unspoilt Robinson Crusoe retreat approximately 600 kilometres north from Cairns, and a few miles from a wild stretch of the northern Great Barrier Reef mainland coast.

Haggerstone is a truly unique and wonderful place – a small complex of tropical timber buildings, gardens, orchard and dams; set amidst true wilderness country, teeming with fish and bird life and surrounded by some of the most magnificent pristine coral gardens in the world.

Catering for a small numbers of guests (6-8) you will live well, eat well and as one guest put it “survive in style”, Haggerstone provides a unique base from which to ramble or explore, or… just to be.

The marine life on Haggerstone is simply unbelievable…. shipwrecks, beach combing for WW2 artifacts, snorkelling, and the fishing… and complemented by a superb yet simple mouth watering cuisine featuring all fresh natural foods. The incredible remoteness of Haggerstone ensures an experience very rare on this planet. If you value absolute simplicity above all else – no maids, TV, mobile phones, computers, mirrors or egos, this is it.

Haggerstone Island is their home and an Island Guesthouse, and they welcome you to their home and hope you enjoy your stay.