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Highfields QLD


Postcode: 4352

Highfields, Queensland is a small country town, just north of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia along the New England Highway. It is situated on the Great Dividing Range, slightly north of Mount Kynoch. It serves as a satellite town to the city of Toowoomba, accommodating many of Toowoomba business’ employees. Highfields is part of the Crows Nest Shire council.

Highfields State School is located in the heart of the town and is one of two primary schools. A shopping centre called Highfields Village was developed and opened in 2003 that contains a number of community stores, including a Thrifty-Link hardware store, a Brumby’s Bakeries and a Woolworths Supermarket. Highfields Tavern was also opened at the site in 2003. A local produce store was since built. A local butchery and fruit & veg was also established. A cafe is also present. The fruit and vegetable shop “fruice” also provides juices, smoothies, salads and sandwhiches etc. The shopping centre is modern, and leaves you feeling fresh once shopped there. On the turn off from the New England Highway to Kools road a small bundle of shops can be found, amongst them include the Highfields Bakery (Not Brumbys near Woolworths), A butcher located beside the Bakery, and A Hair Dresser’s.

The Highfields Pioneer Historical Village has an unusual collection of vintage machinery. The Historical Village also has a fully operating blacksmith shop, a Heritage Chapel, an original Toowoomba 1928 Dennis Fire Engine, a two cell lock up short term prison from 1903, Model T Fords, and a collection of restored antique radios and appliances.

The Chocolate Cottage is located at the Village Green which sells antiques, art and other specialty items. Across the road from the Village Green is Jacaranda Manor. Within Jacaranda Manor is a coffee shop, fudge factory and bead store.