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Hope Island QLD

Hope Island

Postcode: 4212

Hope Island is an area in the city of the Gold Coast that is located roughly north of Runaway Bay. The area was named after colonial aristocrat Captain Louis Hope, who was granted approximately 1,800 acres of land at the mouth of the Coomera River in recognition of his contribution in developing the sugar industry in Queensland.

Louis Hope, a colonial aristocrat, arrived in Moreton Bay in 1848. Hope spent the next 20 years building sugar plantations on the edge of Moreton Bay. The development of a sugar plantation called ‘Rockholm’ on the Island was largely undertaken by the Grimes Family. By the twentieth century, the sugar and arrowroot plantation had passed into the hands of the Sheehan and Davidson families. Hope himself never actually lived in the suburb of Hope Island, preferring to live in Ormiston on the edge of Moreton Bay.