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Hughenden QLD


Postcode: 4821

Hughenden, is a town in Queensland, Australia situated on the banks of the Flinders River. It was named after Hughenden Manor, the home of former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Hughenden is located on the Flinders Highway, 376 kilometres west of Townsville and 1400 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, the state capital. The region around Hughenden is a major centre for the grazing of sheep and cattle. the main feed is annual grasses known as Flinders grass, which grow rapidly on the (by Australian standards) fertile grey or brown cracking clay soils after rain between November and March. However, because the rainfall is extremely erratic – at Hughenden itself it has ranged from 126 millimetres (5 inches) in 1926 to 1,051 millimetres (41 inches) in 1950 – droughts and floods are normal and stock number fluctuate greatly.

It is thought that by the year 2025, Hughenden will be a very different town. The Council and community groups have discussed putting in place a range of initiatives so that Hughenden’s future is positive. Hughenden has taken advantage of being at the crossroads of two major highways. Land sales in Hughenden Industrial Estate have shown high growth with Stage 1 all sold and stage 2 and 3 being rushed through the Council so the next development can start. With the Industrial Estate growing, residential growth will also grow, making Hughenden well placed for growth.

Apart from agricultural business, Hughenden also boasts a replica of the Muttaburrasaurus, a dinosaur, whose bones were discovered in 1963 near Muttaburra and some teeth and other bones where also discovered around Hughenden. The town is home to the Hughenden Dinosaur Festival, which attracts tourists and includes entertainment and other events. Other annual events include the Hughenden Show, held the first week end in June; the Hughenden Country Music Festival, held every Easter week end and the Bullride and Race Day which is held in September. The Matron’s Ball is also a popular annual event.