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Inala QLD


Postcode: 4077

Inala was originally known as Boylands Pocket and was used mainly for grazing sheep and later for tobacco growing, however, this was not successful due to the abundance of spear grass in the area. During the 1950s, wild brumbies roamed the area, and were notorious for stealing children’s lunches from their school bags while they were in class.

The establishment of the Inala suburb came about following a meeting held in a Brisbane RSL Hall in May 1946. A group of ex-servicemen, led by Harold (Hock) Davis, were seeking affordable accommodation for their families during the post-war housing shortage. The Serviceton Co-operative Society was formed and they purchased 480 hectares of land, which was then divided amongst the shareholders, giving them 800 square metres each. The Queensland Housing Commission later took over the development and a massive construction project began with the calling of tenders for 1000 homes in 1949. Boscrete from South Australia was one of the successful tenderers. They designed and built concrete homes, which were poured on site, the first in Buddelia Street in January 1950. On 25 February 1953 the area was renamed Inala, as there was already a town named Serviceton in South Australia.

Inala is about 14km from Brisbane’s CBD. Over 39% of households in this area are comprised of couples with children, 33% are single parent families and 25% are couples without children. Stand alone houses account for over 91% of dwellings in this area, and units account for a further 4%. Inala has a mixture of housing styles, from older weatherboard cottages through to modern brick and tile structures. There are some lovely wide, leafy streets and many of the gardens are beautifully tended.