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Ingham QLD


Postcode: 4850

Ingham is a town in North Queensland, Australia. It is situated approximately 110km north of the city of Townsville and approximately 60km north of Thuringowa and is part of the Great Green Way region of North Queensland. It is the administrative centre of Hinchinbrook Shire Council.

Ingham is situated on the Herbert River and has a district population of 13,000 people. Approximately 40 km west of the township is the Girringun National Park, which includes the Wallaman Falls, the highest single-drop waterfall in Australia.

Ingham is mainly known for sugar cane farming and the largest sugar mill in the southern hemisphere, Victoria sugar mill, which is owned by CSR Limited and is located close to the town.

The Australian-Italian festival is held every year in Ingham. It is one of the most popular events held in Ingham, and nearly the entire of North Queensland. The Australian-Italian festival celebrates the culture background that Ingham has, which can be dated back many years.

During the second World War, the Italians in Ingham were captured and held in detention centres, until after the war, when they were released. A ceremony was held in honour of an Italian’s death, through a parade in the central streets.

During the Australian-Italian festival, many Italians venture south to celebrate this famous event, marking the cultural tie between members of Ingham and Italy.