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Injune QLD


Postcode: 4454

Injune is a small town of approximately 500 persons in Queensland on the Carnarvon Highway. It is roughly 90 km north of Roma. It was formerly a hub for cattle and dairy industries, but now serves as a staging point for expeditions to the nearby Carnarvon National Park. More recently, gas and timber have served as the major primary industries.

Injune’s local Arts group, the Injune Public Space Art Group (IPSAG) is leading the development of Henricks Park opposite the Injune Information Centre.

Henricks Park’s monumental sandstone infrastructure is under construction. When completed, it will become one of regional Queensland’s outstanding tourist attractions, dramatically siting locally-produced artworks.

The park, of course, is one of Australia’s national treasures. Its rich lode of Aboriginal art testifies to the spiritual significance the first Australians attach to this unique outcrop of tropical rainforest and stunted eucalyptus, sheer sandstone cliffs and gorges, caves and moss gardens.

Injune is a small, almost unassuming, town of 600 who tend to point you in the direction of Hidden Valley when you raise the claim that Injune was once recognised as the cattle duffing capital of the state. The valley was reputed to be a hideout for the most successful rustlers and their stolen stock.

Injune was home from 1919 to 1923 for author Frank Dalby Davison, whose most successful book, Man-Shy, which won him the Australian Literature Society’s 1931 gold medal, was set in the district.