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Innisfail QLD


Postcode: 4860

Innisfail is a town located in the far north of the state of Queensland, Australia. It is the major township of the Johnstone Shire well renowned for its sugar and banana industries but also as being one of Australia’s wettest towns. In March of 2006 Innisfail gained worldwide attention when severe tropical cyclone Larry passed over causing extensive widespread damage.

Innisfail lies between the tropic of Capricorn and the equator causing a exclusively tropical climate. Consistently, humid, warm weather is common in Innisfail. In particular Innisfail is reputed as being amongst the wettest town in Australia. Tully, 52 kilometres South of Innisfail is generally considered to be the wettest.

Innisfail is consistently under threat from tropical cyclones developing in the Coral Sea in and around Summer months. Futhermore, high rainfall associated with aforementioned cyclones and monsoons, combined with Innisfail settlement on ajoining rivers causes flooding to be commonplace, occurring to varied degrees of severity annually.

Innisfail’s town centre is situated at the junction of the North and South Johnstone Rivers, approximately 5km from the coast. It is located near large tracts of old-growth tropical rainforest surrounded by vast areas of extensive farmlands.

Queensland’s highest mountain, Mount Bartle Frere; part of Australia’s Great Dividing Range, is 15 kilometres to the north.