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Jandowae QLD


Postcode: 4410

Jandowae is a town in southern Queensland, Australia. The town is located in the Wambo Shire Local Government Area, 259 kilometres west of the state capital, Brisbane. At the 2001 census, Jandowae had a population of 747.

The first European settlers arrived in the area in the 1860s and the first documented European birth was in 1866. The town was at first called Jindowie, from the local Aboriginal word for a waterhole. Later, a man called John or Jack Dowiae established a camp and rest area for travellers called the John Dowiae camp. This lead to some early settlers using the name Jondowiae. With the coming of the railway in 1914, the name was changed again to Jandowae, to avoid confusion with nearby Jondaryan.

Jandowae, the principal town in Wambo Shire, is surrounded by rich alluvial soil and is one of Queensland’s largest wheat growing areas. The area also produces other crops such as barley, sorghum, oats, millet, panicum, sunflower, safflower and linseed. Beef and dairy cattle are raised in the area and Jandowae is home to two large sawmills. Recently, a native flowers industry, exporting to Asia, has been developed in the area .

Facilities in the town include a P-10 school, a post office, Queensland Government Agent and a bank. There are three hotels in Jandowae known locally as the Top pub (Jandowae Hotel), the Middle pub (The Exchange Hotel) and the Bottom pub (Club Hotel), all providing meals and accommodation. Sporting facilities include bowls, golf, tennis, swimming, and squash and a new skate park facility.