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Jericho QLD


Postcode: 4728

Jericho is a small town of fewer than 100 people situated on the Capricorn Highway in Queensland, Australia.

Tiny, sleepy rural settlement servicing the surrounding area. With a population of less than 200 people and located on the Capricorn Highway 221 km west of Emerald, 83 km east of Barcaldine and 1114 km (via Rockhampton) from Brisbane, Jericho is another tiny Queensland town which has outlived its origins.

The area around Jericho was first explored by Europeans when Major Thomas Mitchell passed through the area in 1846. By the 1850s settlers had moved in. It is thought that one of the early settlers was a man named Harry Jordon, after whom the nearby, and very unreliable, Jordon River was named. It seems that a joke based on the religious connotations of the Jordan River was to serve the town well. Some wit decided that as it was on the Jordon River then the town should be named Jericho.

In 1988 as a Bicentennial Project, the town decided to construct the ‘Crystal Trumpeters’ in memory of the Biblical story where the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for six days then blew their trumpets on the seventh day and watched as the city walls collapsed.