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Kangaroo Point QLD

Kangaroo Point

Postcode: 4169

Home to more than 5,000 residents, the riverside suburb of Kangaroo Point has witnessed an enormous amount of residential construction during the past decade. The resident population in the suburb is estimated to have grown by more than 20 per cent during that period as both homebuyers and tenants gravitate closer to the CBD.

The river flats at Kangaroo Point were cleared, hoed, and planted with corn by chain gangs to supply food for the penal settlement from 1825 to 1842.

In 1850 the Kangaroo Point area was surveyed. Foundries, sawmills, and engineering workshops were established at Kangaroo Point.

In 1939 the Commonwealth and State Government worked together to assist Evans Deakin and Company to set up a shipyard at Kangaroo Point to build new ships to replace those lost during the Second World War.

Today the area is dominated by the Story Bridge and new developments that take advantage of the proximity to the city and the river views.