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Karawatha QLD


Postcode: 4117

Karawatha is a wonderful bush area, with plenty of safe walking tracks and beautiful scenery. Most of the dwellings in this area are stand alone houses. Median house prices for Karawatha are not available at this time.

Karawatha provides an important space buffer in an area that is closely settled. There was some clearing of sites prior to the 1991 Vegetation Protection Orders and in 1993 a large section of Oakbrake land was cleared for a housing estate. However, development has been minimal. Apart from two reservoirs, there are almost no permanent structures in the area, although off road vehicles and bikes have damaged the parkland.

In 1996, the population of Karawatha and adjoining Berrinba was only 296. In 1991 the population of Berrinba was 292 and Karawatha had 214. Many scientific, recreational and environmental groups make use of the area.