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Kelvin Grove QLD

Kelvin Grove

Postcode: 4059

Kelvin Grove is four kilometres from the city. John and George Harris first purchased land in Kelvin Grove in 1859. Smaller allotments were sold as early as 1864.

Kelvin Grove has been an important educational centre for many years.

The Kelvin Grove Primary School celebrated its 125 Anniversary on 21 May 2000. The school is home to the old school bell, which is believed to be over 100 years old. Opposite the primary school, located in L’Estrange Terrace, is the Kelvin Grove High School, which opened in 1961.

Adjoining the high school is the Queensland University of Technology – Kelvin Grove Campus, which replaced the Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education.

Breakfast Creek now forms a suburb boundary with Kelvin Grove. In the 1930s and 1940s Brisbane City Council straightened, widened, deepened and diverted the path of Breakfast Creek. This work was undertaken to try to lessen the effects of flooding on houses and businesses in the area.