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Kiels Mountain QLD

Kiels Mountain

Postcode: 4559

Kiels Mountain is a suburb of Woombye, Queensland in Australia. Kiels Mountain is home to Avatar’s Abode, a community of Meher Baba devotees. It is also the site of a pseudo-Roman Catholic cult that sprang up when an odd cloud formation, said to resemble the “Madonna and Child”, appeared along with a double rainbow overhead. A large private school, Suncoast Christian College, and its associated Christian Outreach Centre also call Kiels Mountain home. Australian evangelist Pastor Peter Foxhall lived with his family on an abandoned pineapple farm on Kentish Road, Kiels Mountain for some years.

On December 7, 2003 a 14-year-old boy named Daniel Morcombe disappeared while waiting for a bus on the Bruce Highway near the Kiel Mountain Road overpass. No trace of him has ever been found, despite a concerted media campaign by his parents and the Queensland police.