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Kin Kin QLD

Kin Kin

Postcode: 4571

Kin Kin is a town near Cooroy, Queensland, Australia. The name comes from the Aboriginal kauin kauin meaning red soil, another source suggests it is the indigenous name for a species of small black ants that inhabit the area. Until the mid 1970’s Kin Kin was predominantly a smallcrop and dairy farming community, from then on land and farm usage started to change and there was a decline in production farms. The family of William D. Francis one of Queenslands’ pioneering botanists owned land in the area, and many native trees first identified by him were found in the area.

Kin Kin is the sleepiest of Noosa’s villages, home to the Country Life Hotel and starting point for many of the Noosa Trail Network trails. Call in for a beer and chat with the locals.